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Mr. Ngorn Saing

The year 1991 was a year of change in Cambodia. After the long-raging civil war during the 1970s and 1980s, the Paris Peace Agreement was signed and a democratic system of government was finally set up in Cambodia. Seeing the great need to develop the nation from the severe destruction in almost every sector as a result of these civil wars, RMA began its work in 1992 as a partner of the Cambodian government to supply high-quality and durable equipment to rebuild the country. At the time, RMA provided vital support for infrastructure, energy, fresh water and transportation as well as various solutions to address commercial and humanitarian needs.

Since then, RMA and Cambodia have been steadily growing alongside each other. To meet current market demands, RMA Cambodia has been consistently launching internationally renowned brands and services, and is present in almost every sector in the Kingdom: agriculture, infrastructure, energy, automotive, transportation, household and industrial solutions, finance, and food supply chains. This expansive presence has contributed to increased investment in Cambodia and ensures that the country has everything it needs for sustainable development.

Moreover, our 20-year operation in Cambodia has facilitated tremendous investments in infrastructure and human resources. We have approximately 2,000 employees and over 70 buildings including vehicle showrooms, workshops, restaurants and cafes in Phnom Penh and other key Cambodian provinces. Huge investments in these areas are part of the vital foundation for the long-term economic development of Cambodia. RMA is committed to growing with the nation.

Being a responsive company, RMA Cambodia also contributes towards bringing real change at the community level. Our company has been working with local partners and authorities to provide technical and financial assistance to our communities. Our main areas of focus are the environment, clean water, conservation, health, education and sports. So far, we have contributed to the establishment of several schools, libraries and drilling wells in the communities where we work and live. We have also conducted several tree-planting and helmet distribution campaigns.

As we look forward to the future, we are confident that Cambodia will grow from strength to strength. As this great Kingdom continues to thrive, we uphold our commitment to work hand in hand with our people, suppliers, customers and communities and provide the best and the most innovative solutions to make life better.

Best Regards,

Ngorn Saing

Chief Executive Officer