RMA Group
  • RMA Automotive Facility - Laem Chabang, Thailand

Dealer Operations

RMA Imports, Distributes and Retails World Class Automotive Brands

RMA imports and distributes leading automotive brands like Ford for more than 10 years. RMA Cambodia becomes a Ford dealer in 1997. Along with our brand partner we will establish, build and present the brand with integrity and exactitude to meet each brand’s standards and requirements. Local presence and knowledge of the market make RMA Cambodia reliable partners and trusted custodians of the best automotive products anywhere.

RMA’s worldwide network brings the leading brand to market and is the link between the brand and the customer. RMA Cambodia makes the showroom or service center experience consistent with the overall brand values and expectations of both the brand owner and the customer.

Our managed dealership plays a key role in support and service of fleets and retails operations at the local level and is linked with RMA global support operations.

Every sale and service office serves at the highest level of performance with dedication to customer service and commitment to meeting the highest customer expectation.


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