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RMA Cambodia and Authorities Cleaned Public Places To Celebrate Khmer New Year (May 5, 2016)

Posted on: May 5, 2016

RMA Cambodia together with Khan Governor washed roads and gardens in front of Royal Palace and collected rubbish along river bank with around a hundred staff to host new angel of the New Year.This is the second time for RMA Cambodia cleaning and collecting rubbish for Khmer New Year celebration.  
Mr. Ngorn Saing, CEO at RMA Cambodia said that the company is behind the development of Cambodia’s economy as well as contributes sustainable development of local communities through helping address education, health, environment, sports and other social issues.

“We have built schools, libraries, wells and planted three, gave study materials to remote communities across the country,” added Mr. Ngorn Saing.

RMA Cambodia always works with government and local partners to implement its community projects including the KARACHER’s DAY.

“We are welcome all private companies and groups of youth to do their social activities here. However, only RMA Cambodia has high capability equipment to clean the public place while the other just do the rubbish collection,” said Mr. Kouch Chamroeun, Governor of Khan Daun Pen

“We do need high pressure machine like KARCHER to clean our places,” added Mr. Kouch Chamroeun. 

RMA Cambodia will look for other public places to do this activity with Phnom Penh Authorities next year.