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RMA Cambodia Helps Build Interest in STEM Educations (Jan 12, 2016)

Posted on: January 12, 2016

RMA Cambodia offers supports to encourage students to take STEM Education through donating John Deere machines to Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC).

Most of university Cambodian students mainly graduated from liberal art and very few students pertaining technical skills, including Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

“In line with new policies of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to promote STEM and the merge of Asean Economy Community, we donate the John Deere machine to the school, and then students could do authentic experiment,” said Ms. Prak Chhaykalyan, Deputy Division Manager at RMA Cambodia.

RMA Cambodia also offers places to university students to do on-job training at the workshop from automotive to heavy equipment such as Jaguar Land Rover, Ford and Infrastructure (John Deere, JCB, and Mitsubishi FUSO). The internship also allows students  to explore new and advanced technology.