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RMA Cambodia Organized a Series of Parties To Celebrate Achievements 2015 (March 11, 2016)

Posted on: March 11, 2016

RMA Cambodia organized a series of Annual Trip to Preah Sihanouk Ville Province and Annual Staff in Phnom Penh in January and February respectively.The trip and party have been organized annually not just to celebrate achievements, but also to recognize the great efforts from all staff to contribution to the successes through out the year as well as to inspire them to work even harder to maintain company being the market leader.

A two-day tour from 31 January to 1 February 2016, more than 400 staff took part in annual trip to Preah Sihanouk Ville Province where they relaxed, played and cheered up together.


A part from the trip, RMA Cambodia’s staff also cleaned the beach to show a role model for tourists, vendors and public in littering rubbish.

“We won’t come here again if the beach is not clean, local and international tourists will do the same,” said Mr. Ngorn Saing, CEO of RMA Cambodia.

Tractor John was also arranged to help clean the beach by brushing the sand to collect rubbish and to make the sand smooth.

A month later, February 26, RMA Cambodia hosted annual staff party in Phnom Penh where “Long Service Awards” were handed to six employees who worked for RMA Cambodia for 10, 15 and 20 years.

Mr. Yim Bunthoeun, Senior Mechanician at ID and Mr. Pen Lin, Workshop Supervisor at ID received award for their 20 years of services.


Ms. Sok Sokha, Secretary at Head Office and Mr. Man savoeun, Ford Service Guard at AD received award for their 15 years of service.


Mr. Tep Sareth, Security Supervior at Head Office and Mr. In Sarom, Quality Controller at JLR received award for their 10 years of service.